Mrs. Meghna Bordikar's track record of the past two decades underscores her dedication to her constituents and her commitment to the cause, leading Parbhani.

I am Meghana Bordikar-Sakore, I have grown up watching the political and social activities of my father, Shri Ramprasad Bordikar and as a result I believe in the best way possible to work for and trust the welfare of the people around me. We need a very capable political representative to achieve this goal and everything is needed for my constituency to be a perfect representative.

I want my people to be available in education and jobs in Parbhani without having to go to education and employment outside Parbhani district. My preference would be for them to get modern infrastructure such as smart city planning, quality education and skills worker training.

The intense urge for change has kept me busy in the Parbhani district where I have always worked to improve the quality of education, improve the health of the environment, employment of young people and women empowerment. The path of development is indispensable for Parbhani district. Today Parbhani needs basic facilities, industrial revolution, power and water management, women's empowerment, education and healthcare.

Our Duty

Understanding the problems of people of all levels of Parbhani, I have organized various activities for them, those activities are usually getting good response from the public.

Mrs. Meghna Bordikar-Sakore knows that all these methods are not enough, But big trees always start from the root and she believes that the initiative she has taken will inspire the next few years, and that the Deepstambh will continue to serve such goals. Parbhani recognizes the importance of education and employment to outsiders. Smart city planning, quality education and skill workers will be her priority for modern infrastructure.

General Information

Didi have a unique ability to solve complex problems that arise in society, Didi takes care that no family in Parbhani will be wronged, which is a clear example of their abilities.

While a member of Parbhani Zilla Parishad, she implemented schemes to provide subsidized loans to farmers, to maintain fertilizer reserves. And directs state resources for important agricultural development activities such as improvement of water sector, sustainable irrigation, fertilizer and seed distribution. Meghna Dipak Sakore Bordikar is one of the strongest women politician in marathwada.She has been elected from Jintur,Parbhani in 2019 Maharashtra Legislative Assembly election.Meghna Bordikar won the seat by a margin of 3,717 votes.

„We are close to people”

A dream does not become a reality by magic; It takes a lot of sweat, determination and hard work, and it is ready for the masses. Her track record over the past two decades underscores her dedication to her constituents and her strong commitment.

She has been widely acknowledged for her work in the agricultural sector, but Mrs. Meghna Bordikar has made significant progress in other verticals as well. Participate in the “Save the Water” initiative and the public to get involved in labor. She has also made the introduction of a sanitary napkin vending machine for girls attending school for the first time. Conduct farmers interview drive to educate farmers on low budget agriculture, pond-fish farming, organic farming, dairy farming, goat farming.