Farmer Empowerment

Farming is not just a job, it’s a way of life :


Farmer Welfare :

Prices play a key role in affecting the incomes of farmers. Meghna Didi has taken big initiative to support farmers. Her measure focus is to give justice to each farmer.Didi are fighting for the farmers. “Jal hi Jivan He” Farmers can’t sustain without water. Her first focus is to solve water irrigation issues.

The next issue is the low productivity of Parbhani agriculture. Traditional Farming procedure and diversify climate condition, droughts, worst economic conditions are the measure problems.

Efficiency in water management in both canal and groundwater that is important.

Meghna Didi has analyzed the base issues occurred in Agriculture of Parbhani, she is organizing various seminars for farmer welfare and understanding the issues of farmers. Meghna Didi knows investment in infrastructure and research and development are needed in Parbhani.The Focus should be on Organic Farming. She pointed out that organic farming is cheaper compared to farming based on synthetic chemicals and fertilizers. Farmers need to adopt the cropping pattern depending on soil tests and suggestions from agriculture officers. Dipstambh Pratishtan is guiding farmers for organic farming, soil fertility and crops produced in this form would protect human health and also the environment,Meghna Bordikar (Didi) says there is no Instant solution for Agriculture and Farmers related problems, we need a long-term policy to tackle the situation.


Farmers are challenged to increase productivity without using more land or water. At the same time, they need to enhance biodiversity and reduce soil degradation. Through our commitments of The Good Growth Plan, we help enable growers to do all of these things when farming intensively.

Long-Term Impact

Meghna Didi is striving for farmer's loan waiver and demanding that their products get better prices. Distribution of educational materials for poor students will be a big help in the field of education And they also have good opportunities for higher education, This will benefit agriculture and the development of our village And even the uneducated parents will get some help. As a result, the farmer's families will be educated.